Josephrodz & Ron Bowes - Talk, Talk

album: collab
genre: Pop music
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We Have fun!!!
Josephrodz & Ron Bowes - Talk, Talk
Michael Slider
06/04/21 12:21:08PM @slider:
Excellent music fellas !
06/03/21 01:35:20PM @bad-love-junkie:
Hi Ron and Joseph. This is simply great! The music and and lyrics are a perfect match. The backing vocals really make the track pop and that harp :) and solo :):)
Cheers to everyone involved

06/03/21 01:21:49PM @jimsae:
I heard this last night on J Rod's show, and loved it! A fine collab, gentlemen!
Paul rainbird
06/03/21 11:16:55AM @paul-rainbird:
Great Track nice one👌👌👌
Queen Regina
06/03/21 10:40:27AM @queen-regina:
Fine arts. I expected greatness, because I knew you'd deliver. Sure enough, another great song for musics history. #QueenReginaPickHit I'll definitely be airing this one Saturday
Farrell Jackson
06/03/21 09:07:51AM @farrell-jackson:
Heard this debuted on the MM show and it's another cool rocker from the songwriting partnership of Bowes and Rodriguez!


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