Breath Of Life (Acoustic)

album: Love & Peace
genre: Fingersyle Guitar, Classical, Acoustic, Instrumental
streams: 35

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The song that represents joy, freedom and happiness as we breath in this world with the life we have.
Breath Of Life (Acoustic)
01/27/17 06:23:26PM @cheryl-nye:
Beautiful! :) xo
08/13/15 11:38:47PM @kazushi:
@Doug-Dickens Thank you for dropping by to listen. Glad that u like ii and I have to agree that finger style playing is addictive indeed.. even for me :)
08/09/15 05:21:22AM @kazushi:
@Barefoot-Music I am honoured by your praises and it makes me feel happy that it had set an impression in you on my music playing. I am glad that it was downloaded and appreciated. All my songs are done by just one guitar and some with effects that I feel shows that the acoustic guitar can sound beautiful if done right. Thank you once again. You had made me give the warmest smile. ^_^ *Love & Peace* - Kazushi
Barefoot Music
08/08/15 07:09:55PM @barefoot-music-group:
You have a beautiful fingerpicking style that is so obviously your signature, which is incredibly important in todays sometimes overly saturated music industry. How beautiful your music sets you apart. I'm download everything you've shared for my shows, but I can't deny I will be listening on a personal level as well.
Thank YOU!

08/03/15 06:52:28AM @kazushi:
Thank You.. This have lots variation in finger style playing.. I like the flow of it Joe Tavano :)
Joe Tavano
08/01/15 08:45:22PM @joe-tavano:
Wonderful playing!


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