Killing Stars
Killing Stars
Killing Stars

You in Space

album: Killing Stars
genre: rock
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You in Space
03/09/21 06:50:27PM @stringking:
Love the song, I hear some Leslie or a heavy chorus, I’m a Leslie nut.
carol sue
03/08/21 08:52:09AM @carol-sue:
Sure enjoyed listening to your song!
Clear to hear a lot of talent here.
Welcome to Mixposure :)

Killing Stars
03/07/21 06:02:25AM @killing-stars:
Thanks a lot for support!!
Queen Regina
03/05/21 10:47:09PM @queen-regina:
Wow. Im loving your sound. Welcome to mixposure. Really great music. Very impressive. Mellow, easy listening with a gentle kick. Catchy tune. Catchy music & lyrics.


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