LaDeana Michelle
LaDeana Michelle

More Than Friends

album: Inside Love's Window
genre: R&B
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More Than Friends
01/05/11 08:33:57PM @rocketmaxx:
Wonderful.Has a nice nice groove going.The recording is excellent
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01/02/11 01:47:11PM @:
This is classic R&B...through and through. Your voice is pure and sweet. Amazing tone and control in your voice. Great lyrics and you delivered them nicely. I wanted to sing along even though I had never heard the song before. The harmonies are beautiful. Your such a great shining beacon for R&B artists today to look up to. This is special and so so real. I live to hear music like this...I wanna listen to it all day. Outstanding...just outstanding!
05/08/10 10:13:08PM @da-wonda-twinz:
Very well done. Great Flava, love the lyrics too. We've all been there. :-)
01/02/09 02:51:44PM @zzaj:
Good Gourd-a-might-ee... thought I was back in the early '70's, when this kinda' music was our MAINSTAY... you've got a very effective presentation style, & it's clear you have real talent... when you combine that with the genuine SOUL you express, no way this can fail. I give it a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


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