LaDeana Michelle
LaDeana Michelle

Believe - Full Song

album: Believe
genre: R&B
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Written by LaDeana Michelle © Kala Kya Music Publishing, BMI   Ahh Just believe Oh, ahh (Believing is the courage to let go of your pride)...
Believe - Full Song
01/14/09 06:54:12PM @mri:
What a tease!! ;p We wanted to hear the rest of song!
Wow LaDeana; we stand in awe of your beautiful voice and songs. Totally professional mix mastered nice and sparkly and bright. Nice. Additionally you're quite the fashionista and beautiful woman; we'd sell a zillion CD's if you were simply on the cover. LOL ;p We know tons of R & B fans who will LOVE your stuff so we will definitely point them your way!
Cheers! You will go far in this biz and we can all say one day when you're famous like Beyonce that we met you here first at Mixposure; you've got the talent; now it's time to spread the word!

Welcome to the Mix ;-)


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