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LaDeana Michelle

Keep Your Faith

album: Keep Your Faith
genre: R&B
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Keep Your Faith
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01/02/11 01:40:48PM @:
I had to listen to this one again. The message of keeping the faith is so encouraging and motivating. I love to hear songs like this because they inspire and bring hope to anyone to hears it. You did a great job here all around. The lyrics are spirited as well as your fine delivery. The production is crystal clear and the musicianship shines. Overall, a fantastic performance and worthy of much praise. Well done!
06/29/09 09:03:44PM @vesa:
Love this joyous funk & R/B -such a soulful vocal you have, very sweet and rich in tone. The range is impressive. Love the interply and overlap of the singing; it makes it most DYNAMIC! Wow...lovely expressive song that carries this tune. FAB tune...good synth and natural sounds of backup...very good mix. This has a great motion, wonderful emotiive lyrics, with such a tantilizing background of sounds. Well done my dear.
SUPERB LaDeana. Love it.
-Your friend & fan. -Vesa.

01/03/09 02:29:26PM @david-c-deal:
La Deana, this is the first song of yours I have heard. Very sweet lyrics and superb vocals/flawless!! Was this professionally produced?
David C Deal

01/03/09 08:36:55AM @mark-reed:
This is excellent, probably one of the most professionally delivered numbers I've heard in a long while. Superb number well done
Mista Perez
02/04/11 02:03:21PM @mista-perez:
Fantastic R&B and lyrically this is as what was mentioned motivational. The story telling with your vocals caught my attention. You definetly have a new fan in me.


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