Larry OMeara
Larry OMeara

Through The Pain

genre: Rock
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creation date: 2007-04-15

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My daddy's on his deathbed, The reaper's on his way. I hope He reconsiders, And comes back some other day. Last year I lost my brother, The hurt still...
Through The Pain
07/02/08 09:48:30PM @mike-kohlgraf:
Oldie or not (well, "oldie" in relative terms, of course): I love this tune. Great lyrics, great vocals (just the right emotion in them) and the super playing again! What can I say, Larry ... another tune of yours on the show this weekend!


03/26/09 10:58:51PM @justin-jones-band:
Excellent Tune! Love this song. Great production, playing, and arrangement. Keep up the good work. Sincerely...Justin
11/16/07 08:25:10PM @rob-hanlon:
Larry - Sorry I took so long to check you out. This is an excellent song. In additional to just being an overall good listening song, I thought it was well balanced in every way and It's got everything a successful song needs. Nice work!
10/08/07 03:36:42AM @mike-lynn:
A well balanced mix between the music and the vocals. The guiater solo is brilliant. What type of microphone did you use for your vocal parts ?
08/04/07 06:44:23AM @diva:
I love this! The lower range part of the vocals, with the instrument mix reminded me of Lour Reed, for some reason. I could listen to this one over qnd over ... great vocal and guitar work -- nice tone and a perfect mix, IMO. I'm definitely signing up as a "fan".
04/20/07 11:34:38AM @dazed:

Excellent tune and lyrics/vox are amazing.

Awesome tune. Post more!

04/16/07 12:34:04PM @chrickon:
I dont care if this is outside of your usal stuff, this is great.
You have a great voice and the guitarworks was very tasteful.
Hope to hear more.

04/15/07 11:12:11PM @robert-smith:
Hi Larry

This sounds great. I've been impressed with your playing, now your song writing. Hope to hear lots more from you.


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