Lee Selwood
Lee Selwood
Lee Selwood

Anybody There (Feat..., Devon Renee)

album: Intimate Expedition
genre: Rock
streams: 59
creation date: 2023-12-20

  Song Lyrics
ANYBODY THERE Vocals: Devon Renee  Music/Recorded: Lee Selwood I feel something coming closerSomething I should fearI hear my name on the lipsOf the devil...
Anybody There (Feat..., Devon Renee)
01/24/24 05:35:54PM @moequinn:
@lee-selwood ~ thanks for posting the lyrics ~ I quite love this song & can relate to the lyrics

Farrell Jackson
01/09/24 10:58:15AM @farrell-jackson:
A cool rocker Lee. The female vocalist has a good voice. You are doing some good guitar work here!
01/08/24 01:13:58PM @jimsae:
And another outstanding track, a great rocker! I'll play this one too, tonight. Good stuff, Lee!
Rob Grant
12/22/23 04:00:37PM @rob-grant:
Hit in the gut!! At first I thought of Robin Trower style, but it really takes it's own direction. Tight riff!! Nice vocals, as well. Though it is kind of a Trower type solo.
tony cee
12/21/23 02:09:58PM @tony-cee:
superb song lee great vocals and superb mix fantastic listen ,........cheers tony cee


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