Lee Selwood
Lee Selwood
Lee Selwood

FEAR PART 1 - Destiny

album: Avenue Of Curiosity
genre: Rock
streams: 25
creation date: 2024-03-15

  Song Lyrics
Fear Part 1 - Destiny Written and Recorded by: Lee Selwood Spoken Word by: Lee Selwood In the beginning, there is so much hope And the ending is harder to...
FEAR PART 1 - Destiny
03/26/24 10:16:34PM @moequinn:
firstly thank you for posting the lyrics...a very intense & meditative track that the listener focuses on.... being drawn into the moment with a will the understand ...
with a desire to come back again

Rob Grant
03/18/24 04:57:31PM @rob-grant:
Those thunder storms sound so real....very eerie. These definetly have a fear factor. Your arrangements are fantatic and really fit the mood. The musical changes are awesome. The spoken really adds to the fear mode.The guitar section, midway, is recorded so deeply.and the chord progression is wild.It's extremely heavy yet very spacey.


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