Leonard, Burns & Dell
Leonard, Burns & Dell

Lester's Harp

album: Leonard, Burns & Del "Perfect Strangers"
genre: Lush, Bluesy, Swamp
streams: 46
creation date: 2015-04-07

  Song Information
Lester's Harp Written By Cindy Dell & Sue Leonard  Musicians: Andrew Aldridge, Michael J. Birthelmer, Michael Hickey & Sean O’Grady.  
Lester's Harp
09/25/16 09:15:17AM @ronbowes:

Super song. Great harmonies.

Leonard, Burns & Dell
04/13/15 12:59:26PM @leonard-burns-dell:
Thank You @ Mach @ Farrell-Jackon we are thrilled to bits you are enjoying the tune!!!! LBnD
04/13/15 08:00:59AM @mach:
What Farrell said, plus, I could listen to your music all day. I would give this 5 more stars. Nice!

Farrell Jackson
04/08/15 11:49:37AM @farrell-jackson:
Oh this is so good! It is lush, bluesy, and swampy as promised. This gets 5 stars just for the songwriting and vocals!



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