Leonard, Burns & Dell
Leonard, Burns & Dell

Barefoot With You

album: Leonard, Burns & Del "Perfect Strangers"
genre: Folk, Swamp , Adult Contemporary
streams: 36
creation date: 2015-04-07

  Song Information
 Barefoot With You Written By Cindy Dell © Socan Arranged by Leonard, Burns & Dell  Co-produced by Leonard, Burns & Dell & Michael J. Birthelmer...
Barefoot With You
Leonard, Burns & Dell
04/13/15 01:01:11PM @leonard-burns-dell:
Thank You Thank You Thank You To You All .... Your comments & support Means A Great Deal To LBnD
04/13/15 07:57:33AM @mach:
An excellent production, great songwriting & brilliant delivery. Love the voices ladies!

Barefoot Music
04/10/15 08:23:53PM @barefoot-music-group:
YES!!!!! A beautiful barefoot song. You know this will have a significance to me...lol. Excellent ladies. Looking forward to being the messenger for your entire new Cd. Such amazing energy you three bring to your music. Loving your harmonies.
Farrell Jackson
04/08/15 11:54:44AM @farrell-jackson:
Another good song with a different writer and singer....again real good songwriting and vocals. The production gets a very full, powerful sound from the kicked back instruments. I enjoyed this listen immensely!


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