Alien Dark

album: LISTEN
genre: Soundtrack
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Gabriel Sabadi   All /Keyboards/Samples/Composition/ProductionKed Dieter   All Guitars
Alien Dark
03/19/10 03:21:42AM @aslab1:
This piece really percolates. Nice structure and resonance between the voice and guitar.
Incarnate Word
03/19/10 02:52:14AM @incarnate-word:
Really Killer sound production. very high energy and epic performance. Excellent mix. the Instrumentation is select and the vibe is really awesome. Great Job
12/31/09 06:30:50PM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
From the marching intro, to the gated reverb percussion and breadth of the sound this is music to jangle the nerve ends - I can enjoy the episodic nature of this without the soundtrack tag. Seriously inventive and moving music. Welcome to Mix. I'm off to see if there is more, then some Cava for midnight. ftlpope
Rob Grant
01/01/10 10:59:52AM @rayon-vert:
Gabe's signature heavy percussion......VERY HEAVY Opening power chords from KED, really caught me. Nice dynamic change and then you really broke into a strong theme. You guys really work together GREAT!!!!! The change at 4:06, though a little abrupt, is as heavy a space alien theme as there ever could be. SUPER NICE!!!!! The build of orchestration, from there on out out was superb.....and the guitar work over top, made it all happen. FINE JOB, GUYS!!!

01/14/10 09:47:36PM @genghisken:
Amazing guitar, great spacey sound to it. Love the vocals, and the overall soundscape. Super jam, glad I got to hear it on Mack's Mixposure Radio Show tonight!


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