Little Terry
Little Terry
Little Terry

Johnny Half A Day

album: Fur and Medication
genre: Punk
streams: 19
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JOHNNY HALF A DAY I'm Johnny half a day I'm here to play Punk rock till my dying day Half a day I'm Johnny half a day. I'm a southern boy In a Northern...
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Little Terry is an ex punk band guitarist, garage band lead vocalist and ska band guitarist/vocalist From Doncaster England who had had enough of being in...
Johnny Half A Day
Little Terry
02/15/21 07:16:38PM @little-terry:
Why thank you :-)
Queen Regina
02/15/21 06:29:50AM @queen-regina:
Welcome to mixposure. Really nice song & sound. Johnny, half a day, there's a new kid in town. Heard him lately? Cheers


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