Lloyd wallace
Lloyd wallace
Lloyd wallace

Apocalypse opus

album: Fingers of Flight
genre: KRUNCH
streams: 19
creation date: 2024-01-03

Apocalypse opus
01/04/24 10:15:47AM @ronbowes:
Nice 'n 'eavy up to 11! Cool axe work and welcome to the site
Rob Grant
01/03/24 09:04:15PM @rob-grant:
Another name to remember, Lloyd Wallace. Have to agree, you should be rated "over the top". Too many shreddrs don't have feeling. Your playing is very emotional....Welcome to MIXPOSURE.
01/03/24 12:28:43PM @jimsae:
Wow, a virtuoso track! Welcome to the site!
Bill B
01/03/24 11:13:25AM @bill-b:
Sounds great really Lloyd thanks for posting!


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