Look Back

album: No Saint
genre: lo-dat-to-go
streams: 71
creation date: 2021-10-08

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now I am tracing all the shadowsam I taking in all sidesof what is wrongand what can make it rightI still remain in love with youalways will can I battle a...
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You always remember the one that got away.
Look Back
Gary Shukoski
02/16/23 06:54:42AM @gary-shukoski:
You're vocals have so much emotional range and actual range. Very cool piece!
12/19/21 07:22:07AM @shane:
Been listening to your tracks today. apologies that in the rush of life, I never really heard you before. What I'm hearing is , your style and music is unique to you , of course. stating the obvious there. enjoying. wanna listen more. and , thank you sincerely for visiting a recent song i posted.
tony cee
10/10/21 01:02:56PM @tony-cee:
cool cool song rich , love those backing vocals and superb bass , great sound.......cheers tony cee
10/09/21 05:25:08PM @bad-love-junkie:
Hi Rich! Look at picture :) Another great track that has everything I love about a Lodato tune. You say so much without giving everything away
Love it my friend

Shifter Sisters
10/09/21 05:08:10PM @shifter-sisters:
so well singing! complex and intriguing melody...
yes, I love this stuff very much, so well performance!

Farrell Jackson
10/09/21 09:57:50AM @farrell-jackson:
A very creative song Rich! I'm listening with headphones so I can hear all the individual vocal parts and the intricacies of this deep track...nice! Love that bass in the picture and the bass sound in the song.
10/08/21 11:58:27PM @cbearjuliano:
Love it, Rich
10/08/21 09:47:19PM @moequinn:
Wow! what an interesting song....just when I think I can't possibly like your music any more than I already do.....then I hear a song like this Oh my!!! & I begin to love your music more & more


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