Louise Hughes
Louise Hughes

No Telling

genre: Blues
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No Telling
02/12/09 05:16:57PM @soundtrapper:
Sure enjoy the sounds. Very good vocals and guitar work. Tasty playing. Just an overall excellent production.
10/30/08 09:26:48AM @mark-reed:
After hearing some of your earlier submissions there was a certain anticipation about this track. Needless to say it far exceeded my expectations. This is pure class, great backing and a top notch vocal performance. Excellent work

10/30/08 05:59:12AM @dazed:
excellent track. From that steady bass line to the killer guitar work. This tune just has some great points to it. Great piano playing that adds a lot of depth to the tune but the vocals steal the show! Awesome vocals. Great harmonies. Lyrics are great and have a good hook.

I have to make one additional comment. I love the little guitar solos you added in. The details of this song are what sell it and this has it all.

NO complaints here and welcome to Mixposure.

10/29/08 11:49:51PM @the-autumleaf:
Lovely Track lots of Groove Great Vocals, Nice guitars work back up but stand out is Vocals here Excdellent Singing and a beautiful Voice
Great Work
Jay from The Autumnleaf


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