Louise Hughes
Louise Hughes

Big Small World

album: No Telling
genre: Blues
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Big Small World
09/10/09 08:19:38PM @dazed:
Man that is some kick ass guitar playing. I should have visited here more often. Exceptional music I have heard so far. Vocals are top notch.
07/04/09 07:38:55AM @mark-reed:
This one shows how a class band puts over a good song. Great performance well engineered. well done
07/03/09 08:18:56AM @mel:
Hi Louise, love the drum and guitar intro to this song. Really super vocals throughout and great instrumentals. Great rhythm, great song! Really enjoyed Big Small World! wishing you well, Melsi
Blue Period Blues
07/02/09 06:30:02AM @ramperampe:
If you wanna find out how the perfect bluesy pop song should sound...don't look any further : This is IT.... This song is way up there with the soulful R&B stuff Bonnie Raitt in her finest moments recorded.A fabulous backing band and crystal clear production...Inducted into RampeRampe's Tiny Hall Of Fame :Louise Hughes !
07/02/09 08:50:27AM @the-autumleaf:
Lovely Song .....Great Groove and Excellent Vocals ....Lovely Leads ...Overall a great performance.
My respects
Jay from The Autumnleaf


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