Louise Hughes
Louise Hughes

Turning Point

album: No Telling
genre: Alternative
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Turning Point
09/25/09 01:41:53PM @mike-kohlgraf:
That's such a great tune I just had to download it for my show tomorrow night!!! Just awesome! Everything sits perfect in the mix, great arrangement, love the vocals and the solo guitar! Perfect for my show "Saturday Night Rocks: starting at 7pm ET tomorrow night!

As to who this music reminds me of Well, that is without a doubt Stevie Nix and Fleetwood Mac! AWESOME!!!


09/10/09 08:11:34PM @dazed:
Very nice. Great vocals on this tune as well as the harmonies. Going to send this to the mix DJ's. This is a great tune. Nice edge to it. Kind of reminds me of Cheryl Crow the way I would like to hear her, wIth attitude and less candy hehe. Excellent tune!
09/17/09 01:31:17PM @mark-reed:
Agreed, this has some real power, vocals are excellent. Bet this makes a super live number. well done


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