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It's been 10 years since I first collaborated with IANDSON (aka I&SON). We posted our first song "ALOHA MY LOVE" in January 2010 and shortly after that we recorded and posted more of our collabs - "NIGHT SO LONG" (with Tim Eldridge), "NATURAL" and "LUNATIC WORLD", later followed by "NOT ENOUGH", "DYING SWAN" (with Mary King) and "RETURNING HOME " (with Angela Terace Trippe).

"LUNATIC WORLD" was written by IANDSON and I think it is still one of the greatest songs I've ever heard. And not because I sing it! lol. I met IANDSON's Andy, who is behind this project, several years ago and I told him I would give him an award for this amazing track, it really deserves it, imo. So I put together some clips and made this video in honor of our collaborations and friendship. I hope you enjoy! THANK YOU!


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