Maria Daines
Maria Daines

Save Yourself

genre: Rhythmic Soul
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  Song Lyrics
There's nothin' everything n' youJust another one a' my livesIt could never be finished, throughS'what happens between the hook n' the eyeNow you're roped in...
Save Yourself
07/12/15 09:33:23PM @cooter:
Listening to this on Barefoot Baroness's Sunday night radio show, right now. What a killer tune!
05/21/09 01:03:18PM @baracasa:
you have the it factor!, grate, great song!, i want more!
04/27/09 06:55:09AM @claire-cameron-band:
Gorgeous song and sung excellently- sultry sexy voice and really like the guitar line- going to put this one on my ipod :)
01/06/09 01:39:06PM @austn:
Great guitar acoustic pick'n 'round Paul with gentle mix of those electric lines as Miss"MD" 's colorful,sensual, CLASSY vocals come Mtional N and give you a striking, shaking message...YOU always do that that with your perfromance level MARIA... it's on a superb, high level of Xpression and always punchy with your attitude of Xpression & honesty...U never need effects 2 sell your voice and message...luv the subtle organ undertones and the rock'n off beat Mphasis punch on the last verse/chorus that's done soooo great...harmonies and round-offs R sweet as the guiatar work weaves N2 the melding outro...Awesome tune 2 check back up on U guys with...I know your accomplishments, but I gotta keep N touch with where YR at 2day...Keep up your Xcellent work on animal rights...I admire U 4 your undying commitment 2 the cause/continuation of animal life, it is our world and responsibility...~Austn
10/11/08 11:16:02PM @piperon:
Acoustic music at its best and the vocal is one great bonus. Maria, you know I had been a fan of your music and you make people relax. I respect and salute you for doing so much for the world especially the animal kingdom. Once again, your emotional full packed vocal had me kicking again.

With million of love from Singapore.
Piperon - One and Only spiritual flute player on Earth.

05/14/08 10:21:15AM @brian-mattson:
Oooooh this is sweet. Hit me right between the eyes right from the first few notes. Doesn't get any better than this. Loved it!
Luca Wulf
05/12/08 02:21:54PM @huge-artist:
Damn,it never ceases to amaze me just how amazing you guys are.
Right from the song writing,through,playing,and on into the finished product.
Well this song shows why so many of us regard youa s the best their is ANYWHERE!
"Falling backwards with a smile"
Oh yeah....
Maria and Paul you ARE the best.
Now upload more or I am going to write e-mails to you,and you know how persistant I can be LOL

Superb,thatnk you SOOOOOOOOO much for coming here :)
Happy days :)

05/11/08 11:50:02PM @self-tort:
What an absolute joy. Beautiful mix of acoustic and electrics in the intro and then that unmistakable voice. Really smokey feel to this. Loved that shift into the major 7th chords and then the impassioned call to "Save Yourself". Paul's playing is sublimely subtle. First class production and performance. Agree with Dazed as to why this is not being played on the radio. Wonderful to catch up with you guys.



05/11/08 11:04:16PM @markm:
Maria, it's so good to see you and Paul here. This is absolutely killer stuff. I've always loved your stuff and this it just keeps getting better!
Welcome to IMS

05/11/08 10:24:54PM @dazed:
Maria and Paul it is great to see you here finally :). This song is absolutely amazing. Vocals are pro as is everything else. This is how a song is supposed to be written and arranged. Why am I not hearing this on the radio??

Keep them coming Maria. I need more!!

Welcome to iMS!

05/11/08 09:35:03AM @our-blue-moon:
Well this is just great!!! Great lyrics and played just right. I am very glad to have run across your page. I cant wait to hear a few more of your songs. This is one great tune. Your Voice is just perfect. This blues style fits your voice so well.
05/11/08 08:47:20AM @maria-daines:
Rapster!!!!!!! Hello dear friend, so great to see you here and thank you so much for your kind welcome words for save yourself, I think I'm getting to grips with navigating imusic but it may take me a couple of days to find everyone and how to blog etc., it feels a bit like old times & a strong community base like Mixposure days, I hope we meet up with lots of friends old & new here, have a great day & all our best from UK :)

M&P xx

05/11/08 08:42:13AM @ab1:
I think you know I love this one.. even if i hadn't heard it before i'd say that after just the first few notes.. this is not only sensually superb with it's smokey bluesy unplugged ambience.. it's lyrical and meaningful.. but then your lyrics are always very meaningful.. tha'ts one of the reasons i love you guys.. thanks for the great interlude.. just made my day happier.. cheers maria, cheers paul.. :-)
05/11/08 08:25:47AM @maria-daines:
Hi Rob!

Thanks so much for a great welcome to the site & our first comment :) Great to be here & looks like it's going to be fun, must find my way around now!

All the best
M&P xx

Rob Grant
05/11/08 08:23:46AM @rayon-vert:
Great Production and an EXCELLENT song. Your vocals are Very emotionally done.........SUPER!!! I love the chorus, very catchy. Great Job!!


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