Maria Daines
Maria Daines

Rock of Love

album: Untitled - 03-09-11
genre: Rock
streams: 185

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Rock of Love, everybody lookin' for it set in stoneLovin' eyes searchin' for a place to call a home,Keep a fool, keep a hard man broken down,Rock of love,...
Rock of Love
The Gigglefits
05/22/21 07:53:37AM @the-gigglefits:
Wow We are so loving this
11/16/09 09:56:19AM @implied-logic:
Oh my, what power in that voice. Maria, you have always been a favorite of myself and Implied Logic. I love the control over the instruments. It would be so easy for someone to overplay on a song like this, but the seasoned professionalism shines through. I feel the emotion in my bones. Thanks for a great listen. ~Crystal
01/13/09 06:22:52AM @gordon-leed:
Aaah Maria...fantastic...another one for my favourites list! I really must get along here more often!! I always love to listen to Pual's guitar ...and of course, your lovely vocal!! ;)

When you coming to do a gig in Peterborough? Or even Bruxelles?? I'd go there to watch you...:))At the Atomium maybe...

Catch up real soon folks


Luca Wulf
12/11/08 11:01:36AM @huge-artist:
Ah the dulcet tones of a chroused acoustic...
beautiful tone Paul,moody as me on a sunday morning with a migraine :)
And the gentle climb into the power chords.
(Excuse us Maria whilst I just drool over guitar tones with Paul LOL)
Just bliss.

So,anyways where was I...
Sunburst les paul I'm thinking....
Vintage at that!

Well another cracking song.
I honestly believe you guys cannot do anything even half wrong musicaly.
Your vocals Maria must surely be one of the most recognised anywhere now.

As I said in the other review,seems sucha long time now since I first heard you guys,and I still sit there smiling as I listen,just as I did then.
It's all class,and it's all highly charged class.


12/09/08 01:05:20PM @mark-reed:
I heard one of your tracks recently, it wasn't till i read your bio that I recalled who you were. I first heard your stuff on soundclick about 3 years back. The quality of the material then was good. This is excellent, nice to hear your still going strong.
All the best
All the best

12/08/08 01:08:54PM @the-autumleaf:
Nice Number .....Excellent vocals , Real good guitars and Very well Produced ....Enjoyed the Number ....Great Work
Jayh from The Autumnleaf

12/08/08 07:05:27AM @dazed:
cool intro on this tune before you kick it in. Definitely feeling the vocal vibe on here. Your voice is killer Maria. Paul great guitar riffs and a sweet melody you have on here. Tasty solo as well.
12/08/08 11:55:56AM @gordon-leed:
Maria & pau;...great to see you are posting more of your music here. this one is another fantastic production from you. Once again your vocal is a powerfully evocative as ever, and Paul's guitar work very much among the best there is...

Best wishes


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