Maria Daines
Maria Daines

I'll Tell Him You Said Goodbye

genre: Easy Listening
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I'll look after him you know I willI'll do the things I heard you tell he likes so muchI like his smile I know so well n' in a whileI'll love his...
I'll Tell Him You Said Goodbye
Queen Regina
02/01/21 04:06:48PM @queen-regina:
Great song. Total pleasure to hear. Love the vocals, love the vibe, rhythm, lyrics, & overall sound. Amazing. #QUEENREGINAPICKHIT
Wil Nelemans
10/23/20 09:02:28AM @wil-nelemans:
A very clear and pleasant voice to listen to.
01/09/09 10:31:22AM @mike-kohlgraf:
Excellent tune, Maria and Paul ... superb production once more. What can I possibly say about the incredible music along with the great lyrics and vocals? Not a whole lot - I dig it!!!


12/08/08 06:45:53AM @dazed:
wonderful tune guys. Paul your guitar work is outstanding. There are some guitar parts in here that just sound outstanding. Great details! Maria your voice shines through on this one. Simply fantastic.
Luca Wulf
12/11/08 11:07:42AM @huge-artist:
Ah what was the line from "The Bodyguard"
"A somebody done somebody wrong song"

Paul,he makes me sick,just listen to the fluid picking,that beautiful clean strat tone :)
Now,must not get lost in the guitar again LOL

Well,yet again this is wall to wall carpeting in a musical world that can barely manage a mat at the front door most times.
Yep,not a wasted note,not a momment of uncertainty,and you totaly sell the song.
Loved it.

Sue just walked into the room and said smiling"Maria"



12/12/08 11:42:38PM @slarou:
A real pleasure to find you here Paul and Maria...
A fan


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