Maria Daines
Maria Daines

Chained To You

genre: Ballad
streams: 462

  Song Lyrics
I'm chained to youI'm chained to youI'm hungry cold and wetI'm hungry cold and wetWhat did I do, what did I doTo make you forget?I waited for youI waited for...
  Song Information
A memorial song for Shepp, a sweet German Shepherd starved to death on the end of a chain which was tightly embedded into the poor dog's neck.Shepp was...
Chained To You
07/24/20 12:40:48PM @ian-kudzinowski:
This is really lovely and a great vocal!
04/27/09 07:02:05AM @claire-cameron-band:
I would love to see you live! Your voice is wonderful!! Great song- the power of the vocals and the guitar solo make it stand out and makes me want to rock out !
Chris Georgiou
03/10/09 06:58:24PM @chris-georgiou:
What a voice, what a feeling....what a great piece of music!!!!!!!! No words..excellent, thanks for listen !!! Chris
01/13/09 06:27:33AM @gordon-leed:
I had to listen to this twice...because first time I stopped it...became so emotional. Perfect emotion and music.
12/08/08 06:17:44AM @dazed:
Glad to see you uploading more music. Very nice treat to wake up to! What grabs me aside from the fantastic musicianship on here is what a great hook you have in the chorus. Fantastic vocals and stellar guitar playing. Impressive!


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