Marie Dailly
Marie Dailly

My Toys -Marie Dailly- Brian Brooks

album: Collabs
genre: Blues
streams: 82
creation date: 2013-02-13

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 My ToysI’m gonna tell you something that I think you oughta knowYou say you love me baby, but it's time for you to goI know you’re cheating on me and you’re...
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I wrote this a few years ago , & just stuck it on the back-burner (as you do, lol) . I tried to add music to it recently, but it just wasnt right. But...
My Toys -Marie Dailly- Brian Brooks
02/13/13 04:14:30PM @marie-dailly:
Thanks everybody :)
This one was fun, & I'm glad I finally got to do something with those lyrics. Took me years, but WELL worth the wait! :)
Brian did a FANTASTIC job & the music is perfect!
That bluesy jazzy speakeasy feel is just my kind of thing, & when I catch JW humming the tune, I know it's right, lol!

02/13/13 04:07:13PM @joyfulwave: you know my hon im not a big blues fan...but every time when you do things like this you totally surprise both did a fantastic job on this song...i hope i will hear more in the you know im not very good at doing blues songs ;)

02/13/13 01:31:53PM @vig-wig:
I agree wih everythng said here already. It was a cool blues tune, props to Marieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and Brian Brooks.

02/13/13 11:02:14AM @cooter:
Makes me want to put on a zoot suit, and go somewhere for a Jack and water. This turned out really cool, Marie.

And Brian, dude, what a fine piece of work adding the music, good sir. So nicely done.


Farrell Jackson
02/13/13 09:23:00AM @farrell-jackson:
Good bluesy number Marie and crew....your vocal gets better all the time!


02/19/13 07:18:54AM @mel:
Aw this turned out brilliantly! Super lyrics Marie...Made me smile for sure :) Great instrumentals and a great collab! Nope, us girls don't share our toys! (or our chocolate)x
02/15/13 06:06:32AM @marie-dailly:
Ha ha Kalo!
Read the lyrics, this is no broken-heart song,
more a f*** off & don't bother me again song!

02/14/13 01:52:13PM @kalola-kiss:
You have a way of putting just the right words out there for we who have had our hearts broken....well spoken and I love this!


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