Marie Dailly
Marie Dailly

How I Wonder CMC

album: Collabs
genre: Mix Country 2012
streams: 84
creation date: 2012-02-14

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Boy I wonder if that old scarecrow knewWhen Oz gave that brain to himHe would have to think of all the thingsThat would hurt him so like I did boyYes I...
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Collab with Bobby G Moore for CMC.Remixed
How I Wonder CMC
02/15/12 09:27:19AM @john-frederick:
Very well done Marie I enjoyed this song very much great vocal and melody 2 Thumbs up
02/16/12 10:50:09AM @josephrodz:
This song,voice,lyrics,music & production may me think we have a winner!
Great team! congrats folks!

02/15/12 01:53:47PM @cooter:
Every time I hear your voice, it makes me want to give you a big hug. Your voice has an innocence, and at the same time, experience; an honest quality without pretense, which is - to my ears - wonderfully compelling.

Bobby and JW certainly provided a way cool backdrop, too. A fine tune, very nicely done, Marie, and Bobby and JW. Love it.


Mista Perez
02/15/12 09:30:50AM @mista-perez:
Nice addition to the CMC. I'm a lyrics fiend and lyrically this is a fantastic song. The delivery of the vocals just added to the fantastic song this already was.
02/17/12 04:34:22PM @the-erik-jurado-experience:
WOW, Cool song Marie! You sing very nice and the lyrics are very sweet. Not only that, but The Wizard of Oz reference turns this song into a memorable song to me. Nice work!
02/16/12 07:30:19PM @marie-dailly:
Thanks, all of you! You're way too kind, though the song IS really sweet!
Just to let you know, it's been remixed & reloaded, so Djs, you can now get it with a better sound in the music. Vocals still the same, unfortunately, lol!

Farrell Jackson
02/14/12 05:07:54PM @farrell-jackson:
Very pretty song Marie and you sing it like an angel!


02/14/12 09:53:36PM @tlt50:
~Superb~ Mmmmmm'... :)
02/14/12 06:12:26PM @bilbozo:
A super adorable song Marie. Made ma all smiles when I heard it ! Cheers



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