Marie Dailly
Marie Dailly

I'm Through feat AllenV

album: Collabs
genre: Blues
streams: 87
creation date: 2012-06-18

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This is a blues song that I wrote a couple of years ago, but couldn't get music f or, so I've now recorded it & added my own music with the help of...
I'm Through feat AllenV
Farrell Jackson
06/20/12 10:21:01AM @farrell-jackson:
Real nice Marie and Allen V! A great first self production Marie!


Dylan Thermos
06/20/12 08:17:33AM @dylan-thermos:
"I'm through" is a heart felt song, cool guitar sound and playing, real laid back almost horizontal even.Catchy chorus.Loved the strings too.
Excellent tune, first listen from me and I was pleasantly surprised. Well done keep up the good work.

06/19/12 06:52:23PM @marie-dailly:
Lol, me too Jim, at least I preferred the vocals the way they were!
06/19/12 05:20:48PM @kalola-kiss:
Thank you for letting me know that this was remastered. It is even better than before and I loved it then. Excellent mastering Reiner. So much more clear and chrisp. Marie your voice comes out to its full potential. Allen you've added a perfect touch! My current favorite song; it gives me gives me goose bumbs on my arms and chills down my back ! ! !
06/19/12 08:35:15AM @cooter:
What an amazing first effort at mixing and putting a tune together yourself, Marie. And Allen added such a tastefully done guitar.

I really am blown away by the quality of this, first effort or not. Great lyrics. Cool vocal melody, and the vocals are nicely done. What a great listen this is.

So cool!


06/19/12 06:53:33AM @mark-cloutier:
That is some really nice soothing singing--beautifully done maybe your best i have heard to date!! enjoyed that nice guitar work as well!!
06/18/12 08:02:39PM @kalola-kiss:
This absolutely takes my breath away Marie. It is so beautiful. You sing it with a loveliness not often found.
Congratulations to you and Allen for a truly wonderful song!

06/21/12 06:51:41PM @marie-dailly:
Thanks everyone! :D
I'm really glad you like this one! Took me two years to get it done, lol!
@JW, I love you too, but new TOY?? Lol, its an instrument of torture so far!!
And I'm still working on this, cos I dont like how the vocals sound now, lol!
So there'll be an I'm Through 2 soon :p
Looks like we're brainwashing each other babe, liking each others music? What is the world coming to? Lol!
I agree, Allen totally saved this one for me, I was struggling after I did the strings, & now the music is just right!
TY Allen!!

06/21/12 06:38:29PM @joyfulwave:
yes hon...congrats for your first studio glad you have a new toy...i know there is a lot to learn...but you really impressed me...and allen did a fantastic job too...i could listen for hours to this beautiful song :) love you hon


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