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Down the Rabbit Hole (by Relative Rabbit)

album: A Chemistry Within
genre: Progressive Rock
streams: 40

  Song Lyrics
  Your life meets the horizon   And it’s paling in comparison   The silence is louder than before   The picture (in essence)   Of a long cold tug-of-war,...
  Song Information
  $Bill: guitars, bass, synths   Matt: vocals, synths, drums  
Down the Rabbit Hole (by Relative Rabbit)
10/02/15 05:35:43PM @uberthrall:
Heavy yet melodic. So many changes executed flawlessly. I especially loved the vocals and guitar.......great guitar tone!!
Farrell Jackson
09/26/15 12:35:15PM @farrell-jackson:
I've been listening to this song for a few days now and it leaves me almost speechless.....all I can say is FANTASTIC $Bill and Matt!!!!!!!


09/26/15 08:31:36AM @matt-tyson:
Hey Vig-Wig, thanks for giving it a listen and leaving a comment. much appreciated!
09/26/15 02:09:38AM @vig-wig:
I like it but I don't know why. I played to the end to find the truth and it was the stuff that sounded like bass guitar. The lyrics are strange even for me but coherent. Solid. Vic


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