Max Blamauer
Max Blamauer

Everlasting Love (Claire Moran)

genre: Folk
streams: 21
creation date: 2022-09-06

Everlasting Love (Claire Moran)
Aira Winterland
11/28/22 03:27:42PM @aira-winterland:
So beautiful folk song!
Gary Dabrowski
09/11/22 07:51:21PM @gary-dabrowski:
sounds good to me Max!
Bill B
09/11/22 01:49:07AM @spaceboy:
A joy to listen to. I agree with Tristyn he's spot on a very nice track.
09/08/22 05:47:39AM @tristynleach:
Excellent folk song, really liked the lyrical theme and the light melody a mix of dark and light , very nice track


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