Meddy Gerville
Meddy Gerville

It's Probably Me

album: Fo Kronm La Vi
genre: Jazz
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It's Probably Me
02/10/12 10:34:53AM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
After a previous song of the week this is silky and sultry - spine tingling modulations and immaculate phrasing make for another standout. What a tune, lovely soprano sax and the up temp, and popping bass and Rhodes chimes give this a Tania Mariaish Brazilian lilt. Vereeeeeeee tasteful. Another song of the week? ftlpope
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03/10/12 05:28:07AM @:
This is just wonderful! I love to come across music like this in my search for great work. This has everything. Your musicality is really good here. I love the way your voice carries through the melody. Very different & unique. The jazz vibe here is soooooo up my alley. What a groove! This is pretty genius in its own right. I can't wait to play this on Monday night! Great happy I found your page!


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