Future Of Nothing

genre: Hard Rock
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Bite down hard, cover up your mouth, stare at the groundIt's not what you seeDon't talk bad, never criticize, never be your dayDon't think that you are...
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Too bad I had to sing!!!!
Future Of Nothing
Juri R
02/12/09 12:02:30PM @grand-jury:
Very attackin',-this one.Guitar part,.-incredible.Something different for this style.Am I hearing the chords with the 6th extension ???!!That's quite unusual in this context and interesting.Leads are just shiney !! I wish I can play like this.
02/10/09 11:32:59PM @tcp:
Hey Mike...maybe a little Ozzy vocals happening in spots in here? Really love the great chugging and awesome leads going on too. Creative lyrics and irresistable! ~Blake
Chris Mahon
02/05/09 05:36:59PM @chris-mahon:
Very original sound on this great track. Vocals are really cool, and carry the song nicely. Really nice guitars sounds as well. Minimalist production really works well here. I loved it! Thanks for sharing it. Chris
02/01/09 11:41:33PM @gabriel-sabadi:
This song is Killer Mike. Love that groove going on and the guitar work is top notch. very TIGHT and original feel to this.

~ Gabriel

01/29/09 12:59:48AM @mhw:
Thank you only problem with that song is that I HAD TO SING IT. I would've liked someone with talent to do time.
01/28/09 04:39:12PM @vesa:
Very rockin tune...good percussion keepin that guitar alive and movin'...wailin' vocals, are DYNAMIC saying as it pleases, -real hard, hard rock song...nice interchnage of vocals,fine singing. Belting it outward into the cosmos makes for a variance...good bass pumpin... fine guitar interlaying -soaring seering whipping away.
EXCELLENT rock tune -ain't nothing bloody well like this as good...zooooooooooooooooooooooooomssssss along SUPERB guys.
SUPERB!! Yeah!
Your Canadian fan. Greetings.


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