Used and Abused

genre: Satire
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Got a needle in your armLayin' in puke on the floorA bottle in your handThere's medics poundin' on your doorCan't think, can barely feelCold sweat runnin'...
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Sorry, I had to sing this one too
Used and Abused
03/23/09 10:29:53PM @ooooooooooooooooooooo:
Nice one, reminded me of Zappa, and i love Zappa...
Good song to perform live with some copperblowers..hehe...
The lyrics are also a treat.
Keep it up !

Juri R
02/12/09 11:58:27AM @grand-jury:
Yeah,addiction is not a nice thing to indulge unless it's music.Pretty cool song,with Zappoish turns.Inspirational!!
02/04/09 12:36:45AM @gabriel-sabadi:
Incredible piece Mike. Truly unique. Love the thought that went into this composition. Can't help but get the feeling of Chicago influence in here. I may be wrong but it's all you my friend!

~ Gabriel


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