Michael Nunley
Michael Nunley
Michael Nunley


album: Songs of Worship and Praise
genre: Christian Rock
streams: 91
creation date: 2007-11-23

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Yes it's in Latin, and I'm playing everything you hear but one guitar riff.  Guitar and bass is my Variax 700 Acoustic - and the electric is also the 700 -...
Doctor C
02/27/08 12:03:38AM @doctor-c:
It's a masterpiece, man! I wonder why this track doesn't have 100 reviews. Everything's perfect here. Wow! You don't hear music like this every day...
02/26/08 11:24:00PM @s4e:
I like the intro section, it is very calm and those vocals or vocal sounds there sound nice.

This song combines good singing and nice guitar playing together.
Vocals sound so fitting to this one.

Calm, peaceful song.

01/29/08 09:32:18PM @david-c-deal:
I love this piece Michael. It is so heartfelt. Beautiful singing.
12/23/07 09:18:09PM @vesa:
Beautiful start...like that acoustic, lovely choir...great singing all through. Very nice arrangement. A unique piece indeed. Has a wordly quality of blissfulness. Fine guitar also.
Wonderful. Fab production.

11/24/07 08:26:20AM @dazed:
Yeah I agree this song is a vocal standout. It really shows your range. Your voice never ceases to amaze me.
11/24/07 05:27:48AM @chrickon:
Well Michael ! there is no secret that you are a very great vocalist but on this one i think you really show how good you are as a player too, have to say that this is one of my favs. from you a beautiful song with great vocals and i really love the acoustic and the tremolo pieces on the electric.
Pleasure to listening.


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