Michael Nunley
Michael Nunley
Michael Nunley

RAIN With Strong Tom

album: OUT SOON !
genre: Alternative Rock
streams: 193
creation date: 2007-11-28

  Song Lyrics
Grey sky   clouds cryWe’re safe  and dry You’ll put the kettle on for teaand you join me I’ll fill    my pipeYou get me a lightI start a book of poetryThat...
  Song Information
Music written and recorded by David F.  ( StrongTom) Lyric written and recorded by Michael Nunley (FocusPlayer )copyright 2005
RAIN With Strong Tom
05/17/10 08:44:23AM @karl-licht:
WONDERFUL SONG! makes me think of those coming of age teenage movies with a positive message.
Need more

11/28/07 10:53:28AM @chrickon:
This is great Michael !! your vocals are stellar as always and i love the acoustic sound and playing from StrongTom, Great collab on a great song.

11/28/07 04:18:56AM @diva:
Not bad overall. I'm listening to it on a laptop, so the audio isn't the best without headphones. The backup vocals are interesting, but maybe could be cut back a tad. The weepy guitar sounds from about mid-way through to the end help to make the main acoustic guitar part more interesting.
11/28/07 04:52:33AM @mike-lynn:
This is an interesting and laid-back song. Quite pleasant to listen to. Good production.


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