Michael Nunley
Michael Nunley
Michael Nunley

The Book

album: Songs of Worship and Praise
genre: Christian Rock
streams: 727
creation date: 2008-01-26

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Master CHRICKON sent me this track and let me do lyric and vocals for it. I also added a wee bit of hand percussion - but all the rest is pure smooth Mr. C.
The Book
Gary Dabrowski
07/12/21 05:57:18PM @gary-dabrowski:
almost passed this one by...glad I didn't...enjoy it muchly!
02/14/08 02:22:53AM @michael-g-mcgee:
This is a well done piece of Work , Dude...Smooth all the way thru,,,Sounds Pro To Me.
Nice Job

02/01/08 01:38:33PM @chrickon:
Thank you everyone for your kind comments ! much appreciated. But it is IMO Michaels melodys and vocals that makes this track shine, without it this would just be a simple BT.
Thanks Michael for create this piece of music to a song.

01/29/08 09:28:31PM @david-c-deal:
Very beautiful song. All around winner.

01/28/08 02:30:47PM @brian-mattson:
Wow ... this is absolutely beautiful. High quality and enjoyable in every way.
01/26/08 06:25:48PM @dazed:
exceptional tune. Chrickon is such a master when it comes to music. He did a fantastic job on this one. Michael your vox are always top notch!
01/26/08 03:40:47PM @rob-hanlon:
What a beautiful song. I really enjoyed the emotion of this well crafted composition. Exceptional vocal and guitar work. Very impressive in all respects.
01/26/08 02:59:46PM @shane:
Theres alot of things going on here on a gifted and pro level. The music is abslolutely stunning. Crickon,,,, major success to my ears in this msuic !!.
The vocals also give me a world of listening- alot of different vocal innovations seem to occur in this track -- and naturally flowing. In these areas , for my opinion , Micheal's vocal really stands out and shines with expression and nice colour.
One little thing that nagged me a bit was some of the lyrics. For me, some how , some of the details are given away too easily. - m in other words it might benefit from making some of the meanings a bit more obscure.

In any case , a creation through admirable talent !!

01/26/08 09:23:25PM @dicarlo-productions:

Gary Carciello
01/26/08 09:30:53PM @gary-carciello:
Very high quality music in every level...top notch production and vocals!!!Awesome playing and very intresting arrangement...
One of my favourite songs here in IMS!
This is quality music!!!

Gary C


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