Michael Nunley
Michael Nunley
Michael Nunley

My Last Chance

album: OUT SOON !
genre: Blues
streams: 340
creation date: 2007-06-23

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A great example of how well George picks up on what I want/need - in a collaberation. I sent him a scratch vocal - acapella, and he built the song around...
My Last Chance
12/09/14 06:57:47PM @vig-wig:
You ever go fishing in that water behind you? Looks like good fishing. You could set your poles out and put them on loose drag and play around with songs while you wait for them to go off.
09/23/10 11:55:17AM @mark-reed:
Lovely tune this, just read the notes. One of those moments when working with others brings about a work of art. Excellent collab well done
03/11/08 02:59:19AM @brian-mattson:
Oh man ... this is just so so sweet! I love your vocals as always ... and the guitar is just icing on the musical cake. The arrangement is perfect for the vocal. Wow, I would love to have a go at building a song around you!
Main Pie
03/06/08 10:53:57AM @main-pie:
Beautiful song! Very sweet vocals! This is very well recorded! Great job guys!
Thanks for the listen!

02/23/08 06:04:13AM @the-bard-brothers:
Not enough o's in smooth. I like the sparse arrangement. The dry treatment of the vocal is just what the song needs. I have one like this that is (of course) just acoustic guitar (though hit with some effect). I can hear a bass (upright) and some brushes, but the song stands well as is.
Luca Wulf
01/25/08 07:50:02AM @huge-artist:
Just relax...
Lazy summertime blues.
Beautifuly written and performed also I might add.
Guitar is so smooth and shimmering gently.
Vocal is without doubt the star.
So many folks these days forget EMOTION,yet is the very heart of every great song.
You can feel the emotion just oozing off the vocals.
Production is top notch.
It is when I listen to such a piece I fully realise just how much more I have to learn.
Excellent piece.

Farrell Jackson
01/24/08 12:31:02PM @farrell-jackson:
Great vocal performance! The jazzy guitar blends perfectly with your vox and this style of bluesy jazz. Excellent!


01/26/08 12:25:30PM @bruffie:
Beautifully controlled piece. Love the close vocals, guitar solo is beautifully laid back. Very Nice!!
12/06/07 07:45:04PM @tribe-pendragon:
Beautiful vocal, very clean and 'present'. I like whatever mic you are using for this voice.
Well recorded and very tidy. The song, while it doesn't quite fit in the 'blues' genre for me, that is a VERY minor issue........its a great 'crooner in a smoky room' kinda feeling for me, I was waiting for the applause at the end!!! Well done!

12/06/07 03:37:14PM @mark-cloutier:
beauty of a vocal performance--dreamy--sweet to my rough ears!! cheers-mark
11/30/07 10:25:12AM @john-crafton:
Sweet tune, Man you have the pipes! Really nice tune here. The guitar and bass sit right in the pockett. Real pretty lyric and melody. Excellent work, I'm looking forward to more.
John (Fable)

11/18/07 09:18:56PM @george-shepherd:
This was a really fun one, Mr. Focus. Very heartfelt and I loved being a part of this.
11/06/07 09:47:41AM @lex-zaleta:
Pure velvet! What a smooth performance! This is vintage songwriting in the classic style - Cole Porter, et al ... subdued backing lets the listener take in every bit of this wonderful vocal presentation ... "Hills of eastern TN?" asked the Charleston, TN lad.
06/24/07 04:51:56AM @diva:
I'd go easy with the drums. Soft, or brushy -- light jazzy feel, perhaps. What I'm saying is this works pretty well as is, although it needs something for drums.

Great song, eceptional vocal, and super lyrics. I love the guitar -- that solo is soooooo smooth, and played with feeling.

Well done.

06/23/07 04:29:28PM @dazed:
Very nice guys!

Guitar work is pretty remarkable George. Especially considered how you came up with the it!!

Great job FP. Vocals are perfect and great idea for a song.


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