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PeterM's Beaten black with Blues

album: OUT SOON !
genre: Blues
streams: 264
creation date: 2007-06-23

  Song Lyrics
Pull up a chair brother, I’ll spin you a tail turn loose the metaphors like great white whales. Let them swim in your stream of consciousness like...
  Song Information
Peter M was kind enough to provide me with this track to try a new type of vocal over. Peter did ALL the music and mix work - just my vocal and lyric.
PeterM's Beaten black with Blues
Barefoot Music
08/22/15 02:34:50PM @barefoot-music-group:
Very nice blues tune. Love the title, the bluesy leads, and fabulous hook. Love your wordsmithing.
Farrell Jackson
03/11/08 12:00:55PM @farrell-jackson:
I like this! The narrated vocal's phrasing and timing is right on well as the gritty tone in your voice is just right for this bluesy, smokey song. Narration like this is hard to do and you've pulled it off seamlessly. Peter's playing goes without saying but it is a perfect backdrop that he's layed down. Really good guys!


02/23/08 05:58:36AM @the-bard-brothers:
Not sure how this qualifies as a capella, but the tune itself is smooth and engaging. Did you actually put on a deep red velvet tuxedo to perfom the narration? It's always good to be surprised when the "ears are open". Production is impeccable here. All the levels are great.
02/13/08 09:38:19PM @wrightdude:
yeah jazzy keys, tasty bluesy guitar and very cool vocal delivery! this is a fun little number!
02/02/08 12:01:32PM @zest-radio-show:
Michael Nunley,

PeterM's Beaten black with Blues is a great blues track with the added sweet spoken word element that gets one's mind thinking about so many cool ideas and imagery.

The music is definitely top notch blues laden with professional performances in all departments.

The instrumentation is classy !!!!

I like this parlance into internal/external dialogue.....

Great music for my tastes !!!!



P.S. Yaaaa..............so coooooool......

11/15/07 12:24:34AM @michael-nunley:
I never thanked you guys for saying such nice things about the VERY DIFFERENT vocal style ... and again , a huge thank you to Peter for letting me go out on a limb with his cool song - I enjoyed building the lyric as much as I did creating the um... alternate vocalist .

06/24/07 01:31:22PM @chrickon:
Great track with great vocals and playing !!
06/24/07 04:58:10AM @diva:
Oh, man -- this groove is da shit! I love it. Niiiiiice --- verrrryyyyyy nice. "Beyond cool" is an understatement.

Grumpy Old Player
06/23/07 09:11:32PM @thedonsterproject:
Waaaaaaaaaaay beyond cool!

That was a great piece. Fantastic playing Peter!

06/23/07 04:36:48PM @dazed:
Nice vocals Bubba Nunley :).

Love the guitar work on here Peter. Keys also fit nicely.

Well done guys!

=D> =D>


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