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user image 2014-12-09
By: FocusPlayer
Posted in: New song

I plan on adding several new tunes here on MIX-   soon -  and make them available for purchase.

I look forward to spending more time here as I get back in touch with old friends and hear some of the VAST amount of new music here !   


Till then, my CDs are available at www.michaelnunleyproductions.com    Keep in mind that TCF37 is a CD created to provide music for those who have lost a loved one.  It's not a depressing CD but it is NOT club-dance <G>   The amazing people of The Compassionate Friends organazation have been fantastic to work with and my time with them caused this CD to be created. 

12/10/14 08:51:18PM @michael-nunley:
I'm very find-able on facebook to - Both as just me "Michael Nunley" and as Michael Nunley Productions
12/10/14 08:45:01PM @michael-nunley:
Thanks ! zooming around in this Holy Season right now but HIGH on my list is to work on the exposure par of MIXposure !
Blessing !!!

12/10/14 06:51:53PM @gene-smith:
It will be VERY,VERY cool to see you back around Mixposure Mike! The place has changed a bit since you drug me over to Guitaristworks back in 2006! Can't wait to hear the new CD!


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