Milla Kara
Milla Kara

Sky High

album: Milla Kara 2009
genre: Electronic
streams: 58
creation date: 2010-01-01

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This is my message to everyone who strives for heights even if they have their dreams only to thank for that...AMA Sound Studio Recordingcopyright Milla Kara...
Sky High
01/03/10 04:43:46PM @vesa:
Heard this once before...worth more listens. Love the liquidy feel. Very nifty cool percussion. Fine piano sounds, sort of spontaneously felt...I love the rhythm. The string synt works so well here with this plesant mystical amosphere. Great arranging, fun sounds. The piano comes in so cleverly well at 2:00, a good arranging. Very fine touch on the keys, and again the perfect synth chorus makes it feel like a colourful nature's realm in a valey with water flowing- cascading, like the fingers on your piano. WONDERFUL!!
GREAT production.
-Your friend. -Vesa


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