Milla Kara
Milla Kara

The Way Ahead

album: Milla Kara 2009
genre: Ambient
streams: 54
creation date: 2010-01-02

The Way Ahead
01/03/10 04:48:00PM @vesa:
You have a great way in your composing; I'm pulled in right away into this mysterious mood. lovely chime sound on the keys...Like the percussion, like dripping water hitting a solid . You play such fine sounds and expressions on the synth, but you soars so well uplifting on the piano. Very lovely mix of strings and piano makes this a relaxing place...would love to come back and hear; worth many listens.
SUPERB! Fine production and well thought through.
-Your friend. -Vesa.

01/03/10 06:46:11AM @mark-reed:
This has tremendous depth and soul, amazing piece of music. It conjures up just too many visions to adequately describe this. Excellent piece and a worthwhile listen very well done
Mista Perez
01/03/10 02:30:42AM @mista-perez:
As I was listening to this I closed my eyes. Very deep instrumentation and playing you have on here. Like the change ups and the choice of percussion sounds were perfect for this track. Everything layered just right.
01/04/10 06:40:50PM @ricky-alan:
Very nice instrumental piece, it gave me a good feeling as I was listening to your music. You are a very talented artist.
Great work
Rick Alan


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