MisterH And The Old School
MisterH And The Old School

Between The Lines

album: Genre Buster
genre: Country
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Between The Lines ©By Volker Heigelmann   Read the paper this mornin’, I did Read those stories ’til I’m sick and righteous You want a story You want me to...
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Doc, writing a country song? This is more Country/Rock. Steppin out of that proverbial box. As by the lyrics, something's not right in Denmark   Doc
Between The Lines
07/04/08 02:39:34AM @ab1:
love that title doc.. and what a lively uplifting beat and music to start this one off right.. I like the vocal harmonies and lyrics.. this is a great morning song.. makes me feel good doc.. thanks brother.. :-)
The Doctor
06/08/08 12:25:30PM @misterh-and-the-old-school:
Thanks reapersg and WILDHONEYPIE.

The Doctor
06/07/08 02:15:04PM @misterh-and-the-old-school:
Thanks Dazed.

06/07/08 12:01:24PM @dazed:
Hey Doc!

Not a huge fan of country but you pulled this off well. Music works as do the vox.


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