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Graveyard Blues by The Moderators

user image 2008-01-25
By: mixjams
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Graveyard Blues by The Moderators

I was cleaning up my hard drive and came across this one. Not really a jam but a song done by some of the moderators at the time for Halloween 2006. Thought I'd post it here rather than leave it buried in the forum archives.

Michael Nunley - vocals, vocal effects and synth
Dazed - song concept and rhythm guitar (left)
Strong Tom - bass
Saturated - guitar solos 1 & 3, demonic voices
Peter Mercer - rhythm guitar (right), solo 2, drum programming and mix

01/26/08 06:59:21AM @robert-smith:
Well I had alot of fun listening to this. Vocals and guitar a stand out!
01/26/08 04:30:28PM @michael-nunley:
VERY glad you blew the dust off of this one and got it posted over here!
As much as I like the Geko tunes... this one is my fav of the mod-sqyuad


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