The Cerebral God (ReMix)

album: The God Who Had An Affair With Himself
genre: Dance
streams: 71

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Whichever way you wear yourself.... I'll be your fantasy.... rpt to fade
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Its the type of track to cure halitosis and throw all preconceptions to the wind. This is the sister track to The Cerebral God. Totally feisty and needs to...
The Cerebral God (ReMix)
11/13/11 07:55:35PM @heather-and-ronnie-gibson:
Awesome!!! What can I say? You have some of the best and most interesting music on this site. This is a great piece of art for the ears. I love what's going on in this mix all the way through. Love the first mix I heard but this is mind blowing. I know you've heard this before but this track, and others like it, are made for T.V. or film. The sound you have brings images to the mind that really makes you look at life and all around you. The instruments are awesome as well as everything else about this track and you're right. It's much better loud! Keep it coming!


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