The Windows Of The Soul

album: The God Who Had An Affair With Himself
genre: iMS Radio Promo
streams: 66

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Rise oh Sun - Oh Son of the Morning.  Rise oh Sun -Oh Morning Star. Bless my soul and bless my horizons. Bring to me all that is good and wholesome. I call...
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Dark Pagan gothicesque track, full of liquorice delight This song is also accompanied with a visual interpretation in the video section and it is also...
The Windows Of The Soul
10/23/11 12:32:15PM @dazed:
Definitely a different sound which is cool. Really digging the keys on this piece. Well done!
margot du bois
10/23/11 03:39:13AM @margot:
Digging the theatre in this piece. This is something different to listen to that sets it apart from the rest..A GREAT listen..

Peace and love mags ...

12/12/11 08:23:12PM @wrightdude:
Very dramatic! Dig the instrumentation and arrangements!!!


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