The Cerebral God

album: The God Who Had An Affair With Himself
genre: Pop
streams: 108

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Tell me your Dream Vision, tell me what you dream. Tell me your Fear Vision, tell me what you see - in your minds eye as you ride the storm of intellectual...
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This track like a few others from The Project has undergone a few makeovers which has finalised into what is heard on the "God Who Had An Affair With...
The Cerebral God
12/16/11 08:00:13AM @durod:
Outstanding composition of different textures and effects. Very cool vocals and the mix is Puuuurrrrfect!

Peace to you brother

11/05/11 10:08:37AM @digger-stone:
Very intresting... i really like you sound scapes, you are truly indi. {That would be a great thing!} On this track i think what stands out most is the mix of guitars-for me anyway, as i am a guitar player... but i like the opera vibe here too.

Have you ever seen the movie The fith element? kind of reminds me of the music wrettin for that film...

well done.


joe nickerson
10/25/11 05:32:14AM @joe-nickerson:
it's been too long man.. my name is now joe again (no more rapster).. margot pointed out that you were here.. so i'm hearing a cool passionate song that uplifts my soul as well.. as always you remind me of david bowie a bit.. but WOW! love these eastern sounds.. david might be jealous lol.. a very interesting and soulful tune my friend :-)
11/02/11 03:29:58PM @david-c-deal:
ummm...your music is right up my alley. Opera, alternative, Asian....fantastic key work.. meaningful, deep lyrics..fantastic production... project themes with meaning... yummy stuff.
11/03/11 09:31:33PM @heather-and-ronnie-gibson:
Wow! What a great piece of art for the ears! This is super cool. A very unique landscape of sound. Your lyrics are mind blowing. We like the almost overly dramatic opera sound combined with the down to earth, yet intellectually astute words. Both of these qualities lend themselves to the feeling of openness and comfort, while still being challenged in the mind and heart. A great listen and coming back for more!
Doctor C
11/03/11 10:23:37PM @doctor-c:
Well, you don't stumble on tracks like this every day, that's for sure. WOW, man! This is amazingly good. I don't know what else to say.


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