The Hammer Or The Anvil

album: The Pandora Box
genre: Avantgarde
streams: 51
creation date: 2011-10-31

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So I toy with memories- rearranging them as I see fit- playing around with new sequences experimenting with consequences-  stimulating the synapses -...
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This is a thunderous, elemental and dark ambient track. It is twisted Midnight. It is classical meets world. With a crazy hygienist who thinks he's a dentist...
The Hammer Or The Anvil
08/24/13 03:54:44PM @n0mad23:
Sweet! I love the sense of "traditional-modern" juxtaposition dancing behind this piece. I really felt the presence of On-U-Sound (a bit Mark Stewart even) here as well. Look forward to hearing more of your sonic offerings! Cheers.
Mista Perez
10/31/11 01:16:41PM @mista-perez:
Interesting production.....it drove me to listen more. Experimental sounds drive me. Nice work on this.


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