The Strange

album: The Infinite Regress Of Order Within Chaos
genre: Posh Rock
streams: 17
creation date: 2024-03-13

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Congratulations! It’s all about you.. “Whats yours is mine. The world owes me.” he said.  He dreams of war and sweet revenge  wishing all perceived enemies...
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Sometimes it’s not a case of Dont Get Mad Get Even but actually the case of Fate taking things into Her own hands. Or maybe it’s Witchcraft after all, we’re...
The Strange
03/14/24 05:41:20AM @mizieya:
thnx @rob-grant i like to keep it real musically and lyrically im not very good with doing the pink fluffy and pastel i have to write from the heart in saying that pain makes us know we’re alive so i embrace that and allow its majiks to work thru me musically lyrically or thru art. much appreciate your feedback thank u
Rob Grant
03/13/24 09:00:46PM @rob-grant:
Interesting....seems like the lyrics could the entire world, based on these days in time. You write some deep moody music.


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