Moving Lines
Moving Lines
Moving Lines


album: Dreams Will Never Die
genre: Rock
streams: 26
creation date: 2023-04-20

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SECRETS Moving Lines © Moving Lines 2023 VERSE: Do you hear me I’m your long lost soul Get on out there Find the city of gold Feel the power It’s hidden in...
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The secrets of our world... waiting to be found... or never found again!  The treasure hunt is on!
Moving Lines
06/30/24 03:44:21PM @moving-lines:
Wow! Thank you so very much, what a wonderful review, we appreciate your support! Cheers, Jill n Kevin
06/30/24 12:14:10PM @kim-d-groff:
Hey! I know you guys! Always have loved your tunage!! this song is Killer! The vocals are outstanding, and have an epic Rock/Pop vibe, akin to Journey!! Soaring!!! The guitar is clean and cutting!! And Bang!! It's in my playlist!!


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