James Worthy - Goldmine feat. J. Holiday [Audio]

album: Goldmine
genre: R&B
streams: 7
creation date: 2020-08-15
purchase: mp3, 10.7MB, 00:04:17
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[Pre Chorus: James Worthy]Baby say I feel it, I tell her so much, Look how she's feelingYou want it I give itGirl I got you high, and peaking, I am your...
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“Goldmine” is the first collaboration between James Worthy and J. Holiday, arriving as a promotional single. James speaks on a metaphoric relationship...
James Worthy - Goldmine feat. J. Holiday [Audio]
carol sue
08/31/20 04:52:44AM @carol-sue:
Love these vibes!
Sweeeeeeet! *****

08/18/20 06:46:27AM @ian-kudzinowski:
Wow, those vocals are so smooth and luscious. Congrats on such a great track!


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