N. Parker
N. Parker

Get Back Up

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looking for a drum track collab on this unfinished ditty.
Get Back Up
Barefoot Music
10/02/14 04:06:07AM @barefoot-music-group:
Definitely hear what Farrell is hearing as well. He states it better than I can. ;)
I hear a bit of Graham Nash in your lyric style which is very cool imho.
Nice uplifting groove and message.

N. Parker
09/29/14 05:40:17PM @n-parker:
Thanks Farrell. I'll see if Buddruming's interested. It's a compliment to be given a Beatlesque or CSN&Y comparison and your feedback is appreciated.
Farrell Jackson
09/29/14 05:13:02PM @farrell-jackson:
I was reading your musical influences and I can hear The Beatles and CSN&Y in this one. Not that it mimics either influence's songs but I can hear their impact on this one. Very good lead and backing vocals and the bass line is cool. Yep you need a drum track to round it out. You might approach Mix Artist Buddruming to see if he's interested in adding some for you. Just a thought. Nice song!


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