N. Parker
N. Parker

Going Away

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genre: Alternative
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w.i.p percussion includes tapping the inside of a glass candle holder with a drum stick.
Going Away
04/24/15 05:19:40PM @papi:
Mr. Parker. Really nice tune with a lot of feel good vibe to it. Enjoyable listen with some of the charm being the sound like an old tape recording from the radio or a vinyl record. Still I can't help wondering what you would sound like in a pro studio...
Thanks for the listen, might very well return for more.

10/13/14 03:45:55PM @lodato:
Ditto Farrell's comments and will add that you would have worked a charm as an additional musician in the Byrds back when...
Farrell Jackson
10/04/14 10:15:47AM @farrell-jackson:
Excellent acoustic and vocal work on this song! The candle holder percussion adds a cool sound to the mix. Nice and creative as I like them!


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